Rochester Public Market

Rochester Public Market

Public MarketThe Rochester Public Market allows the residents of Rochester to purchase produce directly from the producer while supporting the local farms in the area. Since 1905, the Rochester Public Market has been serving the community by providing an event that supports both local farmers and the small businesses around the area where the public market is held. The local vendors that attend the market bring a wide variety of items including fresh produce, ethnic specialities along with much more. You will not be able to find farm fresh quality foods like the Public Market offers in the supermarkets in your area. Located just three blocks from East Main St., at 280 North Union St., the Public Market is easily accessible and just a short drive from anywhere in Rochester. With over 100 vendor stands, we are sure that you will be able to find many of your favorite foods for an excellent price and at a quality that is unmatched. For those who have food stamps benefits, The Market Token Program will allow you to still enjoy this opportunity.

When is the Rochester Public Market open?
Tuesdays & Thursdays: 6am – 1pm
Saturdays: 5am – 3pm

There are also other additional days in which the market is open and you can find the days for these special events here.


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