Cash for Gold Mailer Launches Online Gold Buying Service

Cash for Gold Mailer Launches Online Gold Buying Service

Is Cash for Gold back? With gold rising nearly 20% so far in 2016, it might be perfect timing for Cash for Gold Mailer to launch their new online gold buying business. With prices on the rise, consumers are starting to get bigger checks for their old, broken, and unwanted jewelry.

Online cash for gold services are nothing new. Some are famous for being nothing short of exploitative during the gold run of the last decade, which didn’t help an industry as a whole without the greatest of reputations.

But Cash for Gold Mailer wants to change that.

There’s nowhere to go to melt your own gold and get spot value for it, so their online gold buying service wants to come as close as possible. If you have gold that you want to cash in, you’ve got to do it somewhere, and they want to be the best option with the highest payouts.

Given it’s a free market economy, there has to be a *best* way to do it, right? Their version of that is a low overhead operation based out of Rochester, NY that serves customers around the country.  Their in-house experts have been in the industry for decades.  Cash for Gold Mailer offers free shipping, insured packages, price matching, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

And all this efficiency means higher payouts for consumers.

They buy more than just gold, too. If your jewelry contains diamonds or other gemstones, silver or other precious metals, or is collectible in nature, they can quote you on that too! There is a full list of what they frequently buy on their website here.

Gold is on the rise again – don’t miss the opportunity to sell high again. Many people said “gold only goes up” a few years ago and lost out on thousands of dollars of payouts. It doesn’t always go up. If you have unwanted or broken jewelry, it might be a good time to start thinking about cashing it in. And if you do, get a quote from Cash for Gold Mailer before selling to anyone else (getting multiple quotes is always the best option).

For more information, visit or call (888) 733-8806!

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