Bars/Pubs to Watch the 2014 World Cup in Rochester

Bars/Pubs to Watch the 2014 World Cup in Rochester

2014 World Cup in RochesterIt’s finally that time again – the World Cup is here. With the 2014 World Cup taking place in Brazil, it’s pretty convenient when it comes to the time difference. We’re just an hour behind where the matches are being played, so there’s no excuse to miss a single one.

Being Rochester, the best place to watch the games is really at home on your couch, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to be soccer fans a little at least. Here are some places that will be showing the matches, so grab your favorite pint and see if our team can accrue any points in group.

The Old Toad
These guys really try to do it right. They bring in the big screen TV’s and play the matches for all to see. Should be a fun spot for the US games at least, as well as watching all the games down the stretch to the finals. An English pub on Park Avenue, it’s a touch classier than a lot of the other bars on the same strip.

It’s not really an Irish pub, but they’re showing the soccer games. Decent atmosphere and a number of TV’s, so it’s a good place to sit back and catch a match.

Rochester Tap Room
With a nice location in the Corn Hill district and lots of beers on tap, Rochester Tap Room is a good choice for your World Cup viewing. Plus, they’ve got some Victory beer specials during World Cup games, which I’m a fan of. Add this one to your rounds if you’re doing a World Cup tour.

Roam Cafe
World on the street is that Roam Cafe will be showing all the games. I’ve never been there, so perhaps things have changed, but judging by the pictures on their website you’d be in for a sub-par viewing experience. They do have multiple TV’s throughout, but they’re kind of off to the side and aren’t the main point of the experience (which you’d expect for a cafe)

As reported by Nick in our comments section, Prepps, located on Monroe Ave, will be showing the USA games with game sound on, free pizza, and PBR specials.

Other Sportsbars
You can bet that for the USA games at least, and probably the elimination rounds, that there will be plenty of people around who will at least pretend to be interested in soccer. So for these, you can go to MacGregor’s or Murphy’s Laws (a couple bars that call themselves Irish pubs for some reason), or maybe one of the Distillery locations. Hell, you could probably go to Chili’s.

Round of 16

USA vs. Belgium – Tuesday July 1st 4pm EST

US World Cup Schedule

USA is in Group G

USA vs. Ghana – Monday June 16th 6pm EST 2-1 USA (yay!)

USA vs. Portugal – Sunday June 22nd 6pm EST 2-2 USA (eh?!)

USA vs. Germany – Thursday June 26th 3pm EST 0-1 Germany (good enough)


Group Standings

Country Points Matches Played Wins-Losses-Draws Score Differential Goals For
Germany 7 3 2-0-1 +5 7
USA 4 3 1-1-1 +0 4
Ghana 1 3 0-2-1 -2 4
Portugal 4 3 1-1-1 -3 4

Is your bar/pub showing all the world cup games as well? Let us know or post in the comments and we’ll get you added to the list.

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  1. Prepps, located on Monroe Ave, will be showing the USA games with game sound on and free pizza. Also cheap PBR specials!!

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